We Changed the Way Security Tokens Work

The Moria Token is a security token sponsored by GS Mining Company, and it’s offered to investors by our exclusive agent, WestPark Capital, under onshore and offshore exemptions from U.S. registration requirements. Yes, that’s right. It’s sponsored by a gold mining company that operates mines in Colorado.

Gold mines produce billions of dollars in revenue and have provided attractive investment opportunities for centuries.

The Moria Token is an opportunity for investors around the world to participate in GS Mining’s revenue generation at their mines, which include the Bates Hunter and Clay, through ownership of Tokens, which have the potential to increase in value.

Token Holders Receive Royalties

This Token has the unique quality of paying royalties to Token holders. The Moria Token takes some of the best attributes of corporate bonds, giving investors opportunities for gain in the Tokens themselves as well as an income generated from the gold mining revenue.

Token holders will receive pro-rata quarterly payments*

Royalties are paid in cash, etherium, or tokens at the token holder’s choice

Minimum annual payments are twenty cents per token**

*Pro-rata quarterly payments equal to their pro rata share of 10% of the company’s gross annual revenue.
**If reveunes are insufficient to make that payment, any unpaid amount accrues and will be paid when the Company has sufficient revenue from operations.

In the event of a sale or merger of the Company,

each token will be redeemed for $4.00 plus a pro rata share of 10%

of the profits of the transaction paid in whatever consideration the Company receives.

The Moria Token is Accessible

The token can be purchased by anyone in the world where such purchases are legal and, upon expiration of any relevant holding period, trades on secondary markets in a peer to peer fashion.