Claim Royalties

Claiming your Moria Token royalties is simple, safe, and secure. To make it even easier, we’ve outlined the exact steps you need to take to insure your royalties are transferred properly. Follow these simple steps to move royalties into your digital wallet.

Withdraw from the Moria Token Website

1. After logging in, if you don’t already have a wallet connected, click on Add Wallet in the “My Wallet” section.


2. Enter your Ether address and click submit (can add up to 10 addresses).

3. After you have all your wallets set up, check to see if you have a royalty balance.


If greater than 0, click on Withdraw Dividends.

4. Find the wallet with royalty balance in the drop down menu. Click the Withdraw button.

5. Check your transaction on your wallet by clicking Etherscan.


If you are looking at Etherscan, click on Internal Txns to view the Royalty withdraw. If you don’t see your transaction, wait at least two hours before withdrawing again, in case of network congestion.

Download Withdrawal Instructions

Withdraw from Smart Contract

Note: There are a variety of ways to call other functions on contracts. This method covers a method using the public MyEtherWallet website.

1. Go to


2. Once logged into your wallet enter the contract address: 0xa6a7fce4affe059548fc39ebbc74555952a6fb0d


3. Download token.abi file. In the ABI/JSON interface field, paste the contents of the token.abi file.


4. Click Access, then choose the Claim Dividends function.


5. Make sure the key you are using to access the function is for the address you wish to claim for.


6. Select the key access method. Click Write.