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Moria Token has changed the way we look at security tokens, and the world is taking notice. This page will house the latest news and publicity surrounding this exciting Token. Check back regularly for the latest articles, blog posts, press releases, and more. For more information about the Moria Token or GS Mining Company, contact or call 310.596.7026

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Precious Metal Extraction Crypto Investment?

Gold mining. Not an industry one hears about since the major western gold rush of the 1700’s. With the Moria company, past meets future in the present as this organization has managed to create a contractual agreement utilizing precious metals from a mine in the northwestern United…

Will Security Token Offerings Be The Future Of Raising Money?

2017 was the year of the initial coin offering, a new way for companies to raise money.  Since then, over $22 billion have been raised for companies of all sizes, from pre-product startups to companies with publicly traded equities on traditional stock markets.  This fundraising gold rush was…

World’s 1st Security Token Sponsored by GOLD MINE

Introducing the world’s first security token that is sponsored by a US-based gold mine. 10% of gross annual revenue creates a royalty pool, to be divided among tokens. With sufficient revenue, each investor-owned token is paid $.05 every quarter.   Check it Out!

Moria Token Royalty Payment Date

Moria Token is a crypto-currency issued by the GS Mining Company LLC which operates the Bates Hunter gold mine in Central City, Colorado. Moria currently trades on and As the world’s first decentralized investment platform for precious metal extraction, these tokens contain a provision…

GSMC Pays Out First Quarterly Royalty in ETH

We are pleased to announce that on May 25, 2018 GS Mining Company successfully made its first quarterly royalty payout in ETH to wallets holding Moria Tokens. Thank you to our team of collaborators that partnered with us on successfully completing one of many to come royalty…

Moria Token is Getting an Upgrade!

As we look ahead for the Moria Token (MOR), we evaluated the token holders interaction with the smart contract, the resources the Ethereum blockchain provides; as a result we have made a few upgrades to the Moria Token. The improved Moria Token (MOR) contract utilizes more efficient…