The World’s First Decentralized Investment Platform For Precious Metal Extraction

What is Moria?

Moria Tokens represent ownership of royalties from the Bates-Hunter Gold Mine. By holding these tokens in your ERC-20 wallet, payouts of royalties commencing at 20% of the ICO price will be made to you in Ether, every 3 months. It's really that simple. Moria will be the first cryptocurrency that provides immediate cash flow

An actual Gold Mine?

Yes. The Bates-Hunter Gold Mine, sits in some of the richest veins in Colorado. Its historical production exceeds 200,000 ounces of gold. Reliable geological studies and mapping estimates that there are one million or more ounces yet to be mined by GS Mining Company LLC, the issuer of Moria tokens.

The Moria Framework

The Moria platform democratizes investing in what has traditionally been an exclusive club for the rich and well-connected. Through Moria, any investor with access to Bitcoin or Ethereum can own a stake in a proven gold mine. The best part is the volatility has been taken out of the picture. The value of the ether you receive is based upon the value that is put in, making this an exceptional investment with potential for upside in trading the token as well as cash flow from holding the token.

Moria Roadmap

Prior to contribution period

  • Release Final Draft of whitepaper
  • 3 Outside audits
  • Market research and assessing feasible technical and business feasibility.
  • Crowdsale preparation (Contract development and website design

Following Contribution Period

  • Crowdsale and token distribution, ICO raise up to $50,000,000
  • Q1 2018 Official launch
  • Q1 2018 payouts start 3 months after ICO


The ICO has now successfully concluded.

Please check out our press releases or telegram channel for up to date news on what exchanges carry MOR tokens.

The Moria Token

The contract structure is straightforward. Token holders using private wallets at specified block heights, will receive a payment in ETH proportionate to the amount of tokens the wallet owner holds. The Ether payout will be made based on the USD value of the BTC or ETH set at the X-dividend date. This ensures investors net their expected returns despite volatility.


Moria has the unique quality of paying royalties to token holders. The Moria token takes some of the best attributes of crypto-currency and corporate bonds, combining them to give investors opportunities for gain in the tokens themselves as well as an income generated from gold mining revenue. Token holders (both ICO and subsequent purchasers) will receive pro-rata quarterly payments equal to 10% of GS Mining Company, gross revenue capped at an amount which equals 20% of the ICO price per token. Payments will be made quarterly. Notwithstanding such payment structure, for the 18 months following the ICO, all token holders will receive quarterly at 20% of the ICO price regardless of any revenue at the mine and shall be made from either funds raised as a result of the ICO or general company funds. All payouts will be made in Ether Commencing at the ICO closing, quarterly payments will be made pursuant to a schedule established at or about the time of the closing.


The Moria Team

Stephen D King

Stephen D. King

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. King has extensive experience in all aspects of mining enterprises in the United States and around the world.

Courtland Brewster

Courtland Brewster

Project Management

Mr. Brewster is a renowned mining project management specialist. His past work includes management of gold exploration projects in Papua, New Guinea for the Alesander Mining Limited...

Stephen J. Humphray

Stephen J. Humphray

Senior Mining Operations Management

Mr. Humphray’s expertise includes mining methods and management of mine operations, strategic planning, technical savvy, cost management, employee management, surveying...

Matt Collins

Matt Collins

Mining Engineer

Mr. Collins is a Colorado mining engineer with thirty years of experience in and around the mines of Cental City.

Franklin Levy

Franklin Levy

Treasurer and CFO

Mr. Levy has extensive experience in the entrepreneurial world as both a principal and trusted advisor.

Matt Mason

Matt Mason

Mine Manager

Mr. Manson's track record includes repeated mining and construction project management. He brings dewatering experience, additional "mine and life safety" training skills and a well-developed network of first rate mining staff to our team.


Kyle Forkey

Kyle Forkey

Founded Multiple supply chain based companies netting over 1M in annual revenue. Project manager of multiple multi-million dollar projects (Pegasus, Wellington, FL). Successfully raised over $500k for a pre-existing start-up tokenizing real world assets.

Robert D. Parkes

Robert D. Parkes

Operations leader for a middle market company with direct oversight of several hundred personnel, a proven history of entrepreneurial success.

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