A Security Token Sponsored by a United States Gold Mine

What does that mean for investors?

What is Moria Token

Moria Token is a security token sponsored by a U.S. mining company. GS Mining Company — owners of the Bates Hunter mine, the Gilpin Mill, and Clay County Mine — is the sponsor of the Moria Token (MOR2).

Token Holders Recieve Quarterly Payouts

Each Moria Token receives a pro-rata share of royalty payments equal to 10% of annual gross revenues, subject to a minimum valuation of $0.20 per token annually, payable on a quarterly basis. Moria Tokens will rank senior to the Company’s existing classes of securities.


In the event of any sale, acquisition or liquidation transaction, holders of Moria Tokens will receive a 1x preferred return plus 10% of the net proceeds available for distribution to its security holders, payable in whatever form of consideration was received by the Company.

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Fast Facts About Moria Token

51.5 M

Tokens Created

15.7 M

Tokens Outstanding


Funding Raised to Date

$40 M

Asset Estimated Replacement Cost

All About the Gold Mine

The Bates Hunter Mine

The Bates Hunter Mine, a shaft mine, is located in historic Central City mining district in Gilpin County, Colorado about 35 miles west of Denver. Central City is the oldest mining district in Colorado and the most important one in the Front Range mineral belt. The Mine itself extends about 22 acres and is home to a series of established gold veins.

Keeping the Environment “in Mine”

The GS Mining Company (GSMC) isn’t your typical mining operation. One of the most significant challenges facing mining companies is integrating successful economic development while preserving environmental integrity. Meeting that challenge is known as sustainable mining. The GS Mining Company is committed to the ethical development of its resources and the wellness of its surroundings.

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Q4, 2017

Bates Hunter Clean Up


Q1 2018

Moria Token ICO

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Q2, 2018

Mine Exploration & Dewatering Process Began


Q2, 2018

First Quarterly Royalty Payment of $.05/Token

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Q3, 2018

Drilling Began and Samples Removed & Tested


Q4, 2018

Improved Moria Token Smart Contract

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Q3, 2019

6th Consecutive Quarterly Royalty Payment Completed